Clock In Clock Out helps businesses track the locations and hours of workers, confirming they are actually where they claim to be. Finally, you can stop worrying about the night shift and employees that are working remotely. Clock in clock out activation is immediate, takes 10 minutes, and you can set it up on your own. Of course you are welcomed to contact our office for assistance.

Clock In Clock Out provides for a simple, completely automated way for workers to check in on the job and to verify when they are leaving the specified location.

Employee Time Tracking is very important in any business; You do not want to pay employees or contractors freely and who are not doing their job. It is best to be sure that the money you are paying your employees is for work they honestly worked for.

  • Employees call in from a local number ensuring their locations.
  • A real-time message to your smartphone and any email address.
  • View total work hours & payrolls at

Additional Android Benefits

  • Android App Options for Construction Companies.
  • Android App Options for Companies with no phones onsite.
  • Iphone App Coming Soon!

Additional Benefits

  • All plans have unlimited calling, we do not charge per call rates.
  • No more errors or lost time from computing hours manually.
  • No more difficult interfaces or time cards - 100% web-based solution.
  • No expensive hardware needed - Administrators/Bosses provide each employee a unique a pin code.
  • Interface with a PDA or smart phone device.
  • Real-time email alerts.
  • Seamless payroll integration.


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Now you not only know where your employees are but equally important if they should be paid. Think of it as a way to apply "balances" to the process before you write the payroll "checks."