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About Clock in Clock out

Every business that pays for remote employees or service providers those they cannot see at work has to blindly make out payroll checks.

The question they all must face is:

  • Was the work really performed?
    Am I paying for services delivered or am I a victim of fraud?
  • That is precisely why Clock In Clock Out was created. For the first time, companies have a way to apply "balances" to their process before they write payroll "checks."
  • Through a powerful but simple technology, Clock In Clock Out helps to assure that people you are paying to be on the job during non-traditional hours of a day such as night shifts and/or at remote locations, were actually where they claimed to be. When they claimed to be there.
  • It is no longer a matter of trust. Now you can have the confidence of information you can bank on.
  • That is the power and the innovation of Clock In Clock Out.


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